The Grammar Checker Is Essential to Quality Work

May 15, 2012 Posted by admin

A gerund is a verb that can be used as a noun by adding -ing to the end of it, for example – grammar check -> grammar checking, spell check -> spell checking. The definition of gerund phrase is a phrase beginning with a gerund that, as a whole, functions as a noun in a sentence. Consider the following gerund phrase examples:

speeding down the street…
sleeping without nightmares…
getting it right…
wanting more…

Functioning as nouns, gerund phrases play the roles of either subject, object, subject complement or object of a preposition in sentences. The following gerund phrase sentences put our previous examples in context:

1. Speeding down the street will get you a ticket.
2. Nowadays he is sleeping without nightmares.
3. To get an ‘A’ requires getting it right the first time.
4. You’ll sometimes get less by wanting more.

In the first example, there is a gerund phrase as subject of a sentence. “Speeding down the street” is the subject of the verb “will get.”
The second example shows the gerund phrase “sleeping without nightmares” in the role of a subject complement. Subject complements follow a verb and either rename or describe something about the subject of the sentence. In this example, “sleeping without nightmares” describes the subject “he.”
In the third example we see “getting it right the first time” in the role of direct object. The phrase answers the question, “What is required?”
In the last example, “wanting more” is the object of a preposition. It follows the preposition “by.”