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Do You Speak in Word Phrases Known as Idioms?

February 24, 2011 Posted by admin

It is very possible that you do and do not even know that you speak in phrases and idioms. First let me define idioms; it is a language that becomes familiar to a group of people. Many times these groups are defined by district, community or class and can be handed down from generation to generation so that later generations do not even know the meaning of idioms in which they speak.

Here is a small list of idioms in English that you may have heard or used. Check this idioms list to see if you recognize any you may find familiar:

Having an ace up your sleeve, may go back to the Old West when poker players cheated and sometimes got away with it. Now it means that a person has an extra advantage in a given situation where they may not be best for the job, but related to the person hiring or have an inside advantage.

Asleep at the wheel, probably began with someone driving and actually falling asleep and getting into an accident that they lived to talk about. Now it means being inattentive and not giving your full attention to the task at hand.

Having your cake and eating it too, means that one good thing always has consequences. To have something good has its cost, a cost that may not be a good thing.

Can’t see the forest for the trees, means that a person is not attentive to details. Just seeing the forest and not paying attention to the reason why it is called a forest.

Last but not least, refers to an introduction of people who may be in alphabetical order or some other order, but letting everyone know that the last person introduced, is no less important just because they are introduced last.

From rags to riches, refers to someone who started out poor and became rich, possibly not through hard work, but maybe winning the lottery.

Take the rap, refers to someone who accepts blame for something that they did not do.

Walk and chew gum (at the same time), refers to someone who cannot do two or more things at once. Usually said jokingly but refers to incompetence whether said in jest or not.