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Using both a Spell Checker and a Grammar Checker

May 24, 2011 Posted by admin

Writing is a process we are taught from early grade school, and it’s something that many professionals use on a daily basis including journalists, copywriters, and several other professions. When the actual writing is completed and you’re holding a first draft, there are still many steps after that before the writing is a professional piece to hand in. The first step is to spell check the document to ensure the spelling is correct. Without the proper spell check, the quality of the writing can and will suffer.
After the spell check, there is nothing more important than grammar check. Believe it or not but you may use the correct spelling of a word but it may be in the wrong context. Think of ‘your’ versus ‘you’re’. A good grammar checker online will be able to pick up on grammar errors and show you how to correct them. With, you’re able to input your text and check for the grammar issues. Those issues are highlighted with option on what to change, which still gives you control to change it or not. Aside from that, the online grammar checker comes with a spell checker built right in. That means you don’t have to go through a two step process here. You just paste the writing and you’re able to check both spelling and grammar.
Without the best spelling checker and without the best grammar checker, you’re leaving your writing open to many errors. When we write, we want to create and present something professional. To do that, use professional tools.