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Improve Communication with an Online Grammar Check

June 28, 2011 Posted by admin

When your writing has glaring errors in grammar and spelling, a reader is less likely to take the information you’re trying to convey seriously. Whether you’re writing for your blog, composing articles as an online copy writer, a traditional journalist, a student writing a paper, or a professional in any field who has to use writing to communicate with others or promote a business, you need to get it right. While your computer’s spell check may be enough to catch simple errors, a grammar check online service offers tools to help make your written communications letter perfect every time. offers a grammar checker free online that allows writers of any experience level to produce high-quality writing, even if English is not their first language or spelling and grammar are not their strong suits. Type or paste your copy into the dialog box in the Grammar Checker at and click the “Check Grammar” button in the lower left corner of the box. A second box pops up containing your text with any potential errors highlighted. The service takes you through each potential error, identifying words that may have two meanings or options with a similar sound or spelling; alerting you to potential style inconsistencies, like using contractions in formal writing; and checking spelling. In each case, the system shows you options and asks you which change, if any, you want to make before moving to the next potential error.

After running your text through our grammar check online, you can be confident that your message will be clear.