Online Grammar Checkers

May 10, 2012 Posted by admin

As a writer, whether you are a journalist, a technical writer, a scientific writer, a student or an internet writer that hopes to be paid for his work, proper grammar, proper spelling, proper punctuation and proper syntax is a must.
The goal of your writing is the clear communication of your subject matter and your writing must be free of errors of all sorts that obstruct this clear communications process. To do this you need a grammar checker.
Two websites that are praticularly helpful in removing obstacles to clear written communication are SpellCheckers and WebSpell Checkers.
Both sites, operated by the same company, offer 30-day free trial demonstrations of both their products: Web Spell Checker (WSC) and Spell Checker As You type (SCAYT).
The Web SpellChecker operates in a separate browser window so your work is not obstructed. By underlining, Spell Check As You Type enables you to see and to correct misspelled words, improper syntax and incorrect spacing as you type.
One additional feature on the WebChecker site is the ability to write in the American English idiom and the British English idiom. This features allows you to address a specific audience and to give your writing the ring of authenticity.